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Monday, February 21, 2011

Hair - Broadway Across America - Cars, Daisy Chain

Over at erin lee creative and Handmade by Angelica they've introduced a new challenge...  Music Monday Challenge.  Since they've started, I've wanted to create something for one of these nifty challenges.  I am FINALLY submitting something (just in the nick of time!).  Each week, either Erin or Angelica posts a video with the Music Monday inspiration...  This week, it's Adele's 'Rolling In The Deep'.....  Ah, this is a good one!!  :)  So Erin said... "So...the challenge this week is to create a project with a destroyed technique"
 I took a plain piece of navy blue cardstock and BLEACHED it...  Then I crumpled it, roughed it up, washed it, and dried it on the wood stove (I didn't think about how late it was when I started this, so nothing like a 400 degree surface to dry up some paper quick!)...  I didn't know what I was doing when I started, but I was happy with the result (too bad it doesn't show up so well in the pictures!) -- The bleach really did create a neat effect -- It still looks wet in some spots (it's not) and it resembles worn denim in other spots...  The Peace Sign can be found on the Disney/Pixar Cars Cricut Cartridge...  The daisies are cut in both yellow and white at 2" and can be found on the Daisy Chain Cricut Cartridge...  I also used some chocolate distress ink for the other elements (in addition to folding and crumpling my little daisies until they were unrecognizable!!)...
Now...  You may be wondering what on earth my little project involving the musical 'Hair' has to do with Adele and 'Rolling In The Deep'....  Well, I'm glad you asked!!  Cuz ya know how I love to go off on my little tangents and explain how I got to where I am with whatever it is I'm working on...  So...
The-Girl-Child and I have been blessed with Season Tickets to the Broadway Across America shows...  It's kinda like a rolling gift for everything from birthdays to Christmas to Mother's Day and Just Because. :)  So each month, we meet up with our performance 'benefactors' -- The-Grandparents -- for an evening of divine entertainment...  And this month was the musical 'Hair'...  And how fitting that the jeans they wore were destroyed, and their concept of love was destroyed, and then Claude was, well... destroyed too...  So I came home with the idea of destroyed heavy on my mind (I was also distressed cuz we hit an ice storm on our way home -- UNEXPECTED!!)...  And then I really wanted to create this Everyday Display for The-Girl-Child...  I have an amazing picture of her at the performance with a daisy in her hair (one of the performers came out into the audience and handed it to her during the show!) which I plan to add as soon as I have it printed...  I think she'll really like this daily reminder until next month, when we can change it to 'Shrek' if we want! :)

As usual, the production this month was top notch...  We are never disappointed with the quality of performance at the shows, and 'Hair' was no exception.

Funny side note...  I was channel-surfing a few days before the show and I happened upon the Cheers episode (Season 8, Episode 20, 'Fifty-fifty Carla') when Woody announces that he was selected for his theater's performance of 'Hair':

It was funny to see him learn about the infamous 'nude' scene...  It was also funny when The-Girl-Child bounced into the kitchen two days before the show and asked me incredulously if I already knew about it...  It was funnier still when Act 1 ended, and she turned to me and said, "I didn't even notice they were nude until they started walking off the stage...  Thank goodness!"

Well, I suppose that'll do it for the evening...  I hope you have enjoyed my bleached, crumpled, inked up project (which can quickly be transformed to a 12x12 layout when I'm ready to change it!)...  If you do not have a Creative Memories consultant, but you would like to create an Everyday Display of your own, you can order one online and have it direct shipped (anywhere in the U.S.) by clicking and shopping HERE...  I love to read your comments, so please leave one to let me know you were here. :)   To see all of my current creations, please CLICK HERE! Thanks for stopping by -- Hope to see you here again soon!! 


The Country Life said...

This is AWESOME!! What a talent!!:) Glad I stopped by your blog!! LOVE IT!! Will be stoppin' by in the future!! Jennifer (

Kristin said...

Cute blog, I just became a follower, stop by my blog sometimes and visit:)

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