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Friday, March 11, 2011

Cricut Circle Magazine Challenge -- Cricut Everyday Cartridge

On the Cricut Circle Blog, they offer several challenges open only to Circle Members...  This project is for the Magazine Challenge...

The Challenge:  Using the Cricut Circle Exclusive Cartridge, Cricut Everyday, create something that you would use to define yourself at Meet-ups, Crops, the Stampede or any other circle event!!
My response:  Hmmmmm....  If there was something that defined me at a crop, it would be...  CHOCOLATE!!  My BFF Christi and I always have to have a bowl (or bag) of chocolate close by when we're scrapbooking, and we definitely subscribe to the philosophy of 'Eat, Sleep, Scrap'  -- even though it's probably not in that order!!  :)  So I decided to make the favor box and fill it up with some Hershey's Bliss Creme de Menthe chocolates...  yum...  Since I try not to keep too much chocolate around (that makes it so much more enjoyable when we scrapbook!), I could only find 7 pieces...  With some matching green tissue paper in the favor box, it turned out to be the perfect amount.  :)
I used Cricut green cardstock and Black Tie glitter cardstock for everything...  Each layer of the favor box is cut at 8".  The 'Eat, Sleep, Scrap' phrase was cut at 2.5" (as well as the shadow).  I cut the circle logo at 1" and adhered them to the 1"x3" strips of cardstock before wrapping them around the candies.
The adorable little tag (which I can see myself using a LOT) was cut at 2" (I used Real Dial Size because this was my first time using this cartridge, and I really needed it to be exactly 2").  There was not a shadow or blackout feature for the tag, so I hand cut a shadow for the tag...
I haven't decided where this little item is going to find a home yet, but The-Turtle-Cat has decided that she really likes to play with the chocolates!!  Nothing like trying to take pictures of a project while having items in the display disappear!!  And for those of you who are wondering, YES, she is covered in an array of glitter tonight too...  In addition to that Black Tie glitter cardstock, we also had to make that glitter-covered sign post -- It started as an arrangement pick that was covered in silver glitter (the silver just didn't do at all!!)...  After scraping off as much of the silver glitter as we could (of course The-Turtle-Cat helped!), we wrapped the stick with that super-bond-extra-sticky-hey-turtle-cat-don't-put-your-paw-on-that-oh-now-you've-done-it-how-am-i-gonna-get-all-that-fur-off-of-that-now-i-have-to-start-again-with-a-new-piece-please-don't-take-the-chocolate-again-sigh-where-did-the-roll-of-super-bond-extra-sticky-hey-turtle-cat-don't...  oh...  you get the idea...  It's that red tape that I've never threatened to use on either of the kiddos mouths when they won't stop bickering :)  Now, where was I???  Oh, yeah...  after getting that red tape on the pick stick, it was dunked and rolled in black glitter -- er, wait, was that The-Turtle-Cat or the stick?  {shrug} Same difference.  :)
So I hope you like our little project for tonight -- I will be back tomorrow (I hope) with a layout!!  I hope you'll be back to check it out!!  :)  In the meantime (and if you haven't already), please visit my post HERE to enter to win the BRAND NEW Creative Memories Stork's Delivery Cricut Cartridge!!  You have until March 28th to enter...  On that note, I'd like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of my followers -- I couldn't believe it when I signed on today and saw that I had 132 followers!!  That is AMAZING!!  Just a few weeks ago, I think only about 4 people were interested in my snarky comments and snazzy stories!!  :)

Until next time, may your chocolate be glitter-free...


L.B. said...

I love this and the fact that you filled the box with covered chocolates...oh I wish I was going and could stop t your table!! Have soooo much fun!

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Great project! Looks fun!

Chloe and Her Clip On Koalas said...

Cricut and chocolate... that's heaven, and FUN! Love it and just adore the black glitter paper.

Claire Langan said...

Awesome! I agree that crating and chocolates are a perfect combination. I have candies/snacks too in my room but totally hidden from the eyes of my kids.


Chris said...

I might not be a cricut person, but I'm definitely an amy follower. I love your snarky comments and snazzy stories, my friend!!

girlia said...

Wow Amy, now who is offering inspiration. I am going to try this one too (lol). Love it.

Misty said...

ROTFLMBO! Every time I reach for double side tape, it has Black cat hairs on it too!
Thanks for the laff!
Hummer Hugs,
hummingbird204 at comcast dot net

Rhonda Emery said...

those are so darn cute and I am so glad I found you. you are a terrific helping person and I love your blog and work. hugs to you friend. I would like to make you a mini book for all your help to me what would you like it to be. just let me know. and with it send me your address you have my email already. thank you. hugs

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