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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Don't Stop Dreamin'... Wild Card Cartridge -- 12x12 Two-page Layout

Mama said there'll be days like this, er, yesterday...  Don't get me wrong, there were a lot of really great things about yesterday, but did ya ever have one of those long days that was just a little bit off and just stayed that way all. day. long.???

So, anyways...  This past week, M.A.G. Challenge By The Page (one of my most favorite challenge sites, by the way) had a challenge to use only the images on page 65 of the Wild Card Cricut Cartridge...
Oh boy, was I excited about this challenge!!  I saw that doctor bag and the stethoscope and the little 'v' and knew just what I was going to do!!  You see, The-Girl-Child graduates high school this year (I'm not weeping yet, but don't worry...  I WILL!)...  And for as long as I can remember, she has always wanted to be a doctor (as well as a princess and a ballerina).  When she was in 9th grade, she came home and informed me that she was certain that she wanted to go into Oncology so that she could find the cure for cancer...  She had this idea about it, and she couldn't wait to finish college and see if she could do it (nothing like having an 11-year plan at the age of 14!!).

As we started to visit colleges and learn more about the Pre-Med programs different schools offered, The-Girl-Child announced another surprising revelation (which I learned at the same moment as the admissions counselor she announced it to!)...  Her dream was to go into Pediatric Oncology...  Wow.  Imagine being the mother of that child (yes, now I'm weeping).  I can claim no inspiration for her chosen direction...  I am not in the medical field.  I am a crafter, an artisan, a scrapbooker.  She dreams BIG -- And she's driven.  Her persistence causes me to marvel at how this child was a gift. to. me.
So that's the inspiration of this layout...  And let me tell ya...  The-Girl-Child L-O-V-E-S glitter...  I now have glitter all over my craft room floor and table, in my Cricut (yikes!), and in my washing machine and dryer!!  Even my Turtle-cat has glitter on her!!  Oh well, now she has a sparkling personality. :)  As the above quote from Eleanor Roosevelt says, "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams..."
My background paper is from the Simply Beautiful Designer Paper Pack from Creative Memories. This paper tag is also from the Simply Beautiful Power Palette.  The sticker is from my stash (from the Achievements Kit that is no longer available).  I used pop dots behind the tag and threaded silver striped ribbon through the tag connectors...
The doctor's bag is cut from AC Glitter Chipboard (blade setting 6, pressure 6, multi cut 2) at 14.5" (it's really only about 7ish" high, but it's in proportion to a 14.5" card).
The stethoscope is also cut from AC Glitter Chipboard (at 18")...  I added MS silver beads as well as silver glitter to give it a 'metal' effect...  Boy, did THAT make a mess!!  :)
And then we have our heart rate status line...  See the little 'v's on the handbook page?  I trimmed them and flipped them and attached them to each other between thin strips of cardstock before tackling the task of covering them in glitter...  So this would be why my craft room, the laundry room, and the cat sparkles!!
Since I do not scrapbook chronologically (gasp!!), but rather what inspires me for the day (they'll all end up in order eventually!), I really like to create full two-page layouts for most of my pages.  Let's face it, I have a hard enough time deciding which of my 1400 pictures of fireworks from last 4th of July NOT to print (that is NOT an exaggeration, I am sorry to admit, but I am not sorry that I love fireworks that much!), so I am not at a loss for filling up two pages with pictures (even if it's only two pictures like on these pages!)...  I had actually intended for the picture on the left page to be a 5x7, so the photo mat may need to be enlarged before this layout makes it into the scrapbook...
Once again, the ridiculous amount of glitter I used was all justified when The-Girl-Child bounced into my craft room and immediately lit up like a million stars and said, "oooooohhhhh, pretty!!"  And then, "oooooohhhhh!!  That's for MEeeeeeee!!!  Look at the heart rate blips!!"  followed by whatever word means 'cool' in teenage language these days...

Now.  Remember when I said that Mama said there'll be days like this yesterday?  Even though I didn't have a bad day like maybe that hamster in The Shirelles video above, well, I had camera issues and then uploading issues and didn't get to enter my page in the challenge over at M.A.G. Challenge by the Page in time...  No worries though...  Those fantastic ladies who make up the DT (Melissa, Adrian, and Gloria) always leave me plenty of wonderful comments and I'll just have to have my entry ready earlier next week!!  Besides, Mama also saw TWO robins yesterday AND the sun is shining today, so Spring. Is. On. It's. Way!!  :)

Once again, THANKS SO MUCH to all of my Fabulous Followers (new and not-so-new) for your continued support!!  Remember, I am giving away a BRAND NEW Creative Memories Stork's Delivery Cricut Cartridge HERE...  So CLICK HERE and enter to WIN!!  :)

Until next time, may your dreams sparkle even without added glitter... :)


ScrappinAnn said...

I love what you wrote about your "girl child". I think I have one like you. Mine are twins - fraternal- one blonde hair blue eyes and one brown hair brown eyes. My blondie is a straight A student who as of yesterday reads the dictionary for fun! I can so relate to what you wrote. I actually cried because I can imagine your child (that I dont know) saying she wanted to do pediatric oncology.

My little blondie is 10 and her big brother, age 13 has muscular dystrophy and she wants to raise enough money to find a cure for him.

Thanks for all your great creations you share. I am a new follower. -- please visit and help me reach 150 folllowers.

Tami B. said...

Sniff, sniff, can't see clearly right now so it's hard to type. My baby girl will graduate in 2 months, but not from HS. She's graduating from college. I do love this LO. Hate that you didn't get it entered in the challenge.

Melissa said...

Of course, I will leave you a comment, your one of my favorites in the blogging world!!! This project is wonderful, I do wish you had enough time to submit it! Very nice story about you girl child! I hope she reaches her goals. Thanks for all of your inspiring work and Thanks for playing the challenge with us! M.A.G. Challenge.

girlia said...

Amy, Amy, Amy, I love this LO!!! I can not say enough about it. Amazing fantastic, and superb. You are definitely LO Queen. Love how you used the V on the page to represent border and the heartbeat signal that one sees on the monitor. AWESOME! Sorry that it didn't make it on time, but thanks for joining us at MAG. It was really a pleasure

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Great lay-out!

Chris said...'re too cool!

Unknown said...

I bet your girl was excited. I love the LO. Thanks for coming and following me, and commenting. I love comments, don't we all.
It's so true though, we all have "one of those days".
Melissa D

Mommy's Crafty Creations said...

I love your layout. Im stopping bu to let you know that im giving you the Liebster Blog Award. So please stop by my blog to get it. Have a great weekend.

Tami B. said...

I'll comment on a different post too.... you asked for my email it's tamiwb1234ataoldotcom. And no, I don't have 100 cards to send in. I have way less (maybe 30-35.) I saw where some other ladies send in 100+ and I felt bad that I was sending so few compared to that, so I'm glad you're sending in less also. Hope the hop is going well for you so far. Have a great weekend.

My 3 E Scrapbooking said...

Oh Amy....this LO is AWESOME. I'm sorry you didn't get it in the challenge in time. There is always next week! As I am reading your post, I am seeing my life unfold. My 5 year old has claimed she is almost old enough for college and she is going to make a medicine to fix cancer. She has her plan in place too where she is going to graduate HS, marry her boyfriend (who is also 5), they are going to college where she will be a doctor and he will be in the ARMY. After that they are moving to NYC where she is going to be a ballerina/doctor and he a policeman. Then they are going to have 3 babies and she will be a scrapper!!!! It makes me sad that she is already planning to leave me. I can't even imagine (or handle yet) the feeling of her graduating HS. I almost can't handle the idea that she is graduating from Preschool!! I wish your "Girl-Child" (and you) much luck with accomplishing those dreams! I hope she does find the cure for cancer! Again, fabulous LO!!

Scrappin Melissa said...

I love this LO!!!
As for Girl Child wanting to become a doctor--YOU GO GIRL!!!! I am as bad as she is about the "long range plan" Told my parents at age 5 I was going to be a doctor and on July 19 I'll have finished 7 years in private practice. Girl-Child, you have picked a long path before you, but it is Oh, so worth it!!! Hang on to those dreams and NEVER let anyone tell you that a girl can't do it!

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