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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Getting Cricky with K Andrew -- NEW Stamp Line -- PREVIEW DAY TWO!! :)

WOWZERS!! :)  Did you see what everyone was abuzz about yesterday???  Getting Cricky's K Andrew has released her very own STAMP LINE!!  As a member of her BRAND NEW Design Team, I am able to share the previews of her stamp sets with YOU!!  Woot-woot!! :)  Today, I would like to share her "Positive Thoughts" stamp set...

This is probably the set I am most looking forward to using -- It's full of wonderful phrases to inspire and motivate (just like Kristal!!)...  Don't you think it would be just perfect for cards for loved ones -- friends, family, kids away at college?  I'm already thinking of DOZENS of ways I could use this set!!  :)

One of the most AWESOME features of Kristal's stamp line is that she is generously donating $1 from the sale of EACH and EVERY stamp set to charity (and she's selected some incredibly charities!).  The Positive Thoughts Stamp Set will benefit Storefront Shelter:
"Storefront Shelter is my [Kristal's] signature charity in which homeless children are found, rescued, and reunited with their parents if possible. If not, they are found new homes and are given intervention so they do not return to the streets. There are youth and children living on the streets; it's been reported that parents will drop their child off downtown, to abandon them. The children have no idea where they are, and no idea how to return home. Children also flee from abusive environments, and live in the streets. Just thinking about if something happened to me, and my children were placed in an abusive children's home, and my children ran away..if they were living on the streets. I can't imagine what it would be like to be a young child on the streets, but I can imagine a way to help them, and this is my way."  --quoted from Kristal's blog
And guess what???  Right now, Kristal is accepting pre-orders for this wonderful stamp set!!  You can CLICK HERE for all the details and to place your pre-order for this set!! :)  And ONE MORE THING -- When you pre-order this set, you get FREE SHIPPING (and you'll be among the FIRST to receive them!)!!  Now if that isn't reason to hop on over there right away and order...

Now, before I forget...  I'm participating in several AWESOME Blog Hops this Saturday...  One of them is the BugBites Grilin' and Chillin' Bug Hop!!  Many stops along the way will have some AWESOME Blog Hop Candy!!  Can you GUESS what my Blog Hop Candy will be???  Want a HINT???  Hmmm...  I bet it will be 'Positive' and perhaps have something to do with 'Thoughts'???  hee hee...  Be sure to come on by for your chance to WIN (Want to pre-order before the hop?  No problem!!  If you're the winner, I'll happily substitute another of Kristal's stamp sets or another equally awesome gift!)!! :)

Thanks so much for stopping by, my creative friends!!  Be sure to swing by again tomorrow for another fabulous preview!! :)


Melissa said...

Wow, you out did yourself, I just love this, great job!

Courtney said...

Looks like it will be a wonderful stamp collection. Something else I NEED to have..hehe. Unfortunately my husband does not understand.

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