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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Upcycle Blog Hop -- Repurposed & Reused!! Woot-woot!! :)

** Welcome to the Upcycle Blog Hop!! :)  **

Good morning and WELCOME to another day of hop, hop, hopping!! :)   Our fabulous host Tanya has gathered some crafty friends who like to save every piece of plastic packaging, every glass bottle, and every can in the hopes that it can be reconditioned and beautified into something outstanding and amazing (I knew it wasn't just me!!)!! :)  I hope this hop will encourage you to take a new look at things that might have otherwise ended up in a landfill and can instead find a new home with a new use...

If you've hopped along from *Jennifer*, then you are in the right place!! If you are just joining me from your dashboard or happened along from somewhere else, please be sure to CLICK HERE to start at the beginning with Tanya, as the beginning is where it all begins...

For my project today, I have created this FUN and FUNCTIONAL Beach Bag!!  Can you guess what it was created from???
{If the photo is not here, then blogger was not cooperating...  Please stop back later for my pics -- THANKS!!}
Hmmmm...  Do you need a hint???  Last year, I replaced my desk chair with one of these (best choice I ever made!), but unfortunately, my Peaches-Cat decided it was a good place to sink his claws!!  YIKES!!  I'm glad I wasn't sitting on it when he did it!!  hee hee...
{If the photo is not here, then blogger was not cooperating...  Please stop back later for my pics -- THANKS!!}
This Danskin exercise/body ball was on it's way to the trash can when I started to swing it around and think about what a cool "bag" it would make!!  Voila!!  Upcycle project created!!   Okay, I admit it...  I'm a fan of Project Runway...  Those who follow me know that I'm the first to admit that I am NOT a Fashion Diva...  I'm perfectly content to wear my Rainbow flip flops 365 days a year -- with jeans or shorts or dresses or slacks or even socks!!  Yes...  I admit it...  I currently have socks on with flip-flops and I am not afraid to go to the grocery store just like this!!  It's 54 degrees outside (HELLO???  Is summer gone already???), and I'm freezing everywhere except my toes!!  :)  But I digress....
{If the photo is not here, then blogger was not cooperating...  Please stop back later for my pics -- THANKS!!}
So I'm a fan of Project Runway...  And while I know I would epically FAIL at most all of the challenges, I firmly believe that I *would* not only survive any challenge that used paper or non-traditional items (dog collars, hamster bedding, cat treats), I might even get immunity with one of those!!  So....  That's my official inspiration for this Fashion-Fabulous Beach Bag!! :)
{If the photo is not here, then blogger was not cooperating...  Please stop back later for my pics -- THANKS!!}
I cut the bottom (where the air plug was) from the ball, folded down the edges, attached some metal flower grommets, and wove ribbon around and through for a drawstring.  The handle was made with the part of the ball that I removed (no waste here!!)...
{If the photo is not here, then blogger was not cooperating...  Please stop back later for my pics -- THANKS!!}
I thought about adding some fabric flowers, but decided on this simple accent instead (totally removable so I can switch it up later if I'd like....
{If the photo is not here, then blogger was not cooperating...  Please stop back later for my pics -- THANKS!!}
So whaddya think???  Are you ready to go turn a body ball into a beach bag now???  :)

Incidentally, the other day I upcycled an old aspirin bottle for a pretty nifty project too.....
 More details and pictures for this project can be found by clicking HERE....

And last year, my obsession with upcycling jars started when I made this fun little candy corn treat jar....
More details and pictures for this project can be found by clicking HERE....
Followed by a money jar (ideal for retirement)...
More details and pictures for this project can be found by clicking HERE....

Now, I'm sure you're going to come across a LOT of people on this hop today that are FAR MORE creative with their Upcycling....  BUT, before I send you away....

I have a little blog candy for one fabulous follower who leaves a comment on this post!!  I have a package of embellishments and rosettes that are looking for a new home...  Will you be the lucky one??? :) 

To be eligible for my blog candy:
  • Please become a follower of my blog and leave me a comment answering this FUN question: "Have you ever Upcycled?  If so, what kinds of things to you like to find new uses for?"!!
If you leave your email address (please leave it in SAFE scrapbookingwithamy at gmail dot com form), I will be happy to contact you if you are the winner; otherwise, you will need to check back after Wednesday, September 21st to see if you are a winner.  No captcha here, so commenting is quick and easy!! :)

Thank you again for checking out my project...  Now hop on over to Heather's blog and remember to visit all the stops for more chances to WIN!!

Upcycle Blog Hop

Here's a list of the entire hop, in case you get lost along the way or want to revisit anyone 
(please note that I will update the following links to take you directly to each participants post if you are joining the hop later in the week!!):

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  19. Shannon L~
Until next time,


Jennifer said...

Super cute. I love to take jars and make them look beautiful. you did a fabulous job.

kristi said...

I love to redo jars and fun old cigar boxes! would love for you to visit me and follow too!

Mallika said...

this one seems to b fun !

Sherrie K. said...

I love anything recyled. This is fabulous and such a GREAT idea Amy! I will have to try and remember that when making halloween gifts. TFS! Great job as always my friend!
Sherrie K

Cathy said...

I love all the projects from recycled items, especially the retirement jar!!

ScrappyScavenger said...

Stinkn blogspot! This is why I ran away to Wordpress! LOL! Thank you so much for participating in my hop sweets! Nice projects!

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

I'll come back to see your photos! I always save jars to recycle!

Krista's Paper Cafe said...

The jars are visible--but not the bag. Will try back later.
The jars are nice. I like the retirement one. Your flowers are gorgeous. Nice to read (other post) that you made them yourself.
And YES, I would like to know how to make a paper lid, please . . .
Nice to hop host with you.

Krista's Paper Cafe

Decorables said...

I did guess you used an exercise ball cuz I sit on mine at my desk every once in a while :). I hope you will let us know in the group when your pics are up. I'm following you now because I love repurposing/upcycling items especially thrift store finds from the housewares section. I have a segment on my webshow called 'So, what would YOU do with this?' -- so much fun thinking outside the box, hunh?
decorables at gmail dot com

Cely said...

I've never upcycled a jar before, but I have re-decorated boxes and bags. I like covering the name of a store on their shopping bag with scrap paper!

Babe O'Mara said...

I like to recycle jars too. Yours are so cute, especially the retirement. I use the containers soup come in from Safeway to store ribbons. I have rods in my craft room for the full spools, but what to do with 10 or 12 inches of ribbon. They look nice on the shelf.

youiesmom at att dot net

Nanette said...

I've saved a bunch of containers to try to make some decorative holders for my cardmaking stuff but that's as far as I've gotten so far. But I WILL do it one of these days! :)

McVic said...

Im sure your bag is super cute! All your projects are! love the pill bottle too!!
I would love to win your embellies!

Joe M said...

Love your projects, especially the Halloween candy jars! As far as upcycling, I am always going to yardsales and thrift stores looking for things we can use in our projects. Most recently, I bought on old necklace for 50 cents and used the chain on a card for the Viva Las Vegastamps design team. Another fun thing I made was by holoowing out an old book to make a treasure box. my email is JLM26atAOLdotCOM

Newbie2crafting said...

super cute projects! TFS


Jeni said...

I love this..

Lyneen said...

Love your jars... especially the SWEET TREATS! TFS

AmyJRockstar said...

I really, really want to see your creation from the ball, but apparently blogger isn't working properly. :( Please shoot me an email or leave me a comment when the pics are up if you can. :0) Of course I love to upcycle (repurpose, recycle, reuse, etc.)! We get a lot of different take out food and I like to save the little sauce cups with their lids to store my embellishments, and I use the different plastic dishes with lids for storage containers and things like that. I can find a use for almost anything! Oh, and I LOVE fashion! ;) TFS and for the chance to win. :0)

Be sure to stop by my blog to enter my 500 followers giveaway!

XO ~ Amy Jo (follower)
amyjrockstar at gmail dot com

Amanda said...

I love the candy corn treat jars & the retirement jar! The flowers on the retirement jar are absolutely beautiful! I love the white petals w/ black words printed on them balanced against those reddish/pink petals! U know I'm a loyal follower of your blog & fan of your FB page! thanx~prhmangel at gmail dot com

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