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Monday, January 16, 2012

All About the 70's Blog Hop and Getting Cricky Preview Day Two -- I Love the Night Life!! :)

Welcome to the "All About the 70's" Blog Hop!!

We're so happy you could join us for this super-fun hop showcasing cards, layouts and projects that feature anything and everything related to the 70's!!   So pull out your bell-bottoms and peace signs, and join us for the FUN...  You'll find an array of ideas throughout this hop -- From decorations to gift ideas and more, we hope you'll enjoy each and every GROOVY project along the way!!  This is a TWO-DAY hop, so be sure to check it all out (besides, we have a FAR OUT prize for a random someone who visits and comments on each stop for each day!!)...

We can guarantee some psychedelic excitement for this event... So let's get hopping!!  If you've hopped over from my cool friend, Jamie, then you are in the right spot!!  If you've just popped in to visit my blog or are reading this via email and you'd like to join our FUN, then please CLICK HERE to start at the beginning with Lynda's blog...

For the hop today, I have TWO Dy-No-Mite cards for ya to check out!! Ya see, I meant to show you one of them yesterday, but I was draggin' and fell behind... So kick back and chill... And I'll show ya what I've got!! :)
Now, back in the days of The Brady Bunch and Bell Bottoms, the cool thing my big brother would do on Friday nights is go to the Roller Rink...  I was an awkward kid and perms were all the rage, but on the days I got to ride to the rink with my brother, I thought I was really something special!!  Of course, he didn't pay much attention to me when we got inside, but decked out in my favorite light blue bell bottoms and sporting some roller skates with homemade pom-poms, I was in my own little world of JOY!!  :)  And when they played that Alicia Bridges song, despite the fact that I had NO idea what it meant, I sure liked doing my Boogie-Roller-Skating around the rink...  Now, come on...  Who doesn't dance in their seat when they hear this song:

(If you can't see the video above, or prefer to watch it on YouTube, please CLICK HERE)

I can assure you that I thought "ACK-SHON" had something to do with showing off your ability to hold hands with a friend and spin-spin-spin in the center of the skate floor...  What a fun memory...  Yeah, it was an interesting decade for a child with a perm and a lack of fashion sense...  :)
Anywhooooo...  What better representation of the 70's than a giraffe (my favorite animal, betcha didn't guess) wearing roller skates and touting "I love the Night Life"???  So my first card is just that!!  This A2 card base (5.5"x4.25") was jazzed up with a rainbow of ink colors that I sponged around the edges...  My raspberry background cardstock is embossed with the "Entangled" embossing folder from Couture Creations (a lovely gift from one of my Awesome Aussie friends)...
The giraffe can be found on the Birthday Bash Cricut Cartridge and is a "modified" cut at almost 4" (I used the "hide contour" feature to hide some of the "guide" cuts for the dots and face...  Since there was NO WAY I was going to use a mouth cut that was thinner than string -- those are some itty-bitty pieces!!).  My tie-dye ribbon was tucked away in a "special" spot reserved for The-Girl-Child...  I bet she'll be okay with a bit of it missing from the spool when she receives the card, right???  :)
Since this is a SUPER FUN giraffe on skates, I decided to put him on a "Wiggle-Wire"...  Wiggle-Wires are similar to "Action Wobbles" except I make them myself (and have been making them myself since before I ever heard of Action Wobbles -- Actually, I'm pretty sure I was making wiggly cards way back in the 70s!!  I also made postage stamps, envelopes, and notebooks for my Barbies, but that's a story for another day!!)...  Anywhoooo...  If you don't know how to make Wiggle-Wires yourself, there are plenty of videos out there now OR the Action Wobbles work quite well, so I won't bore you with those details unless you request a tutorial in the comments section...  Moving on...  This giraffe is a HOOT when he's wiggling away...  The-Girl-Child is going to get a kick out of this card!! :)
Now how about that sentiment???  Could it BE any more PERFECT???  hee hee...  This GROOVY mix-n-match sentiment can be found on the Owly Hoo Stamp Art Sentiment Set...  Which, incidentally, is the set I'll be featuring ALL week long for the Getting Cricky Preview Week (Did you miss yesterday's snowman card?  I hope you'll check it out)!!  If you find you can't go on without this set (how did you make it this long???), you can make this set YOURS by clicking here OR by clicking on the image below...

(BIG NEWS!!  To qualify for FREE SHIPPING on your purchase, be sure to enter amyfreeship at check out!!  WOWZERS!!  Gotta love a deal like that!! :)

K Andrew Designs

Remember I promised you a SECOND card???  Well, here it is....
How totally AWESOME is that???  (Sorry, I know that phrase is from the 80s, but I'm a little stuck in that decade too!!)...  This 5.5" square card was one of those happy "accidents" I sometimes have...  Basically, it just turned out too fun not to share it with ya...
You see, The-Girl-Child is obsessed with rainbows and peace signs...  She would have enjoyed the 70s (and probably would have been much more fashionable than I was!!)...  That green, wired "ribbon" around the edges reminds me of all the shag pillows that were so popular...  Are those making a comeback too???
The stars on this card were again attached with some Wiggle-Wires...  It makes the card just a little more...  um...  GROOVY!!  :)  I cut the "groovy" from the Feeling Groovy Cricut Lite Cartridge...  I used my Gypsy to adjust the size since I wanted it to fill up the front of the card.  I also cut both the base layer and shadow layer from white cardstock so that I could sponge the rainbow effect with ink...  Since the white cardstock was shockingly stark against the rainbow and purple, I inked the edges with some SU! Creamy Caramel...
Once again, this PSYCHEDELIC mix-n-match sentiment can be found on the Owly Hoo Stamp Art Sentiment Set (are ya seeing how VERSATILE this set is???  I haven't used an OWL yet!!)...  So if you're ready to make this Stamp Set YOURS now...  REMEMBER....  CLICK HERE TO ORDER and...
To qualify for FREE SHIPPING on your purchase, be sure to enter amyfreeship at check out!! :)
Thank you again for checking out my projects...  Now follow the links below and remember to visit all the stops for MAXIMUM ideas and LOTS OF FUN!!  Can ya dig it???

70's Hop

70'S HOP DAY TWO (January 16):

If you missed Day ONE of the 70's Hop, be sure to check those posts out too!! Visitors who comment on BOTH days of the hop will receive BONUS CHANCES in this month's Memories In Tyme Blog Hop Candy Giveaway!! :)

It's time for.... "All Skate"....  :)

And one last thing before you go....  My incredible Getting Cricky DT Sisters are previewing the fabulous K Andrew Designs Stamp Art sets all week long (leading up to the much-anticipated Getting Cricky Blog Hop this Friday evening)...  If you have a few moments, please stop by and check out these creative ideas from the Getting Cricky team...


Suzanne said...

Love both the cards but the giraffe one and the story about the skating rink really brought back memories. Love the video. Played it for my daughter and we were cracking up. I need to learn how to make those wibble wobble movy action silly things. You have inspired me.


Ok where to start?? I love the giraff wearing skates super cute, In the 90's we had a roller skate arena here but then they closed down:( I am requesting a turtorial for the homemade wobbles (or even an email telling me how you made them), love the second card too, the green "shag" is so cool!!
Getting Cricky Jr. DT-Sister

Lori Apgar said...

Love both cards!! I had blocked out all of the bad home perms my mom experimented on me!!! Love the rollerskating story too!!!

This has been such a fun hop!

Lori Apgar said...

Love both cards!! I had blocked out all of the bad home perms my mom experimented on me!!! Love the rollerskating story too!!!

This has been such a fun hop!

Lisa said...

I'm sorry the journey back to the 70's is over!! I so enjoyed your post!! Your cards are so stinkin' groovy!! The rainbow colors reminded me of these sweaters my sister and I used to have...they were white and had rainbows that went up one arm, across the chest and down the other arm. And they had a matching puffy white vest that had the rainbow across the chest so you could see the rainbow with or without the vest!! I so loved that outfit!! My sister and I would fight who would get to wear theirs...we didn't want to be "date-mates" (lol). Since I was younger, I usually lost the fights. But I loved when I got to wear mine! Good times, good times :) But I digress...your cards are so fun and fabulous and I absolutely love them!! The ribbon on each one is so awesome!! And thanks for making me feel like a loser for using an owl on my first card ;P Just kidding!!

Okay, I better end this novel now, unless you are having trouble sleeping, in which case I can go on and on and put you there :) I can't wait to see what you create tomorrow :D


CathyinMN said...

Very cute cards! I used to do a lot of roller skating, too, but I was never very good at it. I could turn and go backwards, but I was definitely not very graceful! Love the giraffe and the tie-dyed ribbon.

Charlotte said...

Oh Amy, Yiou have made my day!!! I loved the 70's then and I still am all about the music now. Your giraffe has captured the essence of the decade. How fun this card is with the tie-dyed ribbon and the roller skates. I need to find out about the wiggle wire. Not on nly can I use this with cards, I know I will have many opportunities to use int in my kindergarten class.


Janet said...

OMG Amy your cards are far out Fabulous I love both and I love the striey behind the giraff one! Your rainbow colors and effects are beautiful I would love to know how to do that! You are One Cool Cat I mean Giraff!!
Big Blog Hugs Janet

ShersL84bed said...

Fantastic cards. Love the giraffe on skates. I was addicted to skating. I went EVERY week on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Brings back good memories. Man, I'd be a skinny little thing if I skated like that now.

Smiles Sher

Lynne said...

Absolutely love your cards -- totally far-out and groovy!!!! Always a pleasure hopping with you!!!
Hugs and Love my dear friend
Her Craftiness

mamawcindy said...

Oh, I Love both of your Cards! Love the Giraffe, To Cute! This is such a fun hop. Thanks for Sharing! :0)
cindymarshall63 at hotmail dot com

scrapinmamaof2 said...

Super cute card. I love the giraffe on skates. He is so cute. Groovy good times ;)
Heather GC JRDT sister

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

WoW! These are groovy! Super fun!

Sherrie K. said...

Amy, your cards are awesome!!! I love the darling, happy giraffe!!!
The second card-totally rockin' and groovy! Great job as always my friend!
Sherrie K

SueNJ said...

You are so darn amazing woman!!!! I love this and I just had hubby put that song on my Ipod touch as we were taking a walk down memory lane night and needed 70's and 80's music. Your cards are the greatest!!!!

Happy Scrappin'

Sue B

Amanda said...

That has to be the cutest giraffe i've ever seen!! I love the color combo! Great job!! :)

Getting Cricky JrDt

Tina Campbell said...

Love that 1st card! Growing up in the 70's skating was huge in my are and that giraffe looks like what I looked like on skates what a great walk down memory lane thanks girls.

Misty said...

What a trip down memory lane! 1st I knew you'd work a giraffe into this somewhere. Next, I went to Catholic school in Fla. & we used to get tickets to Gold Coast Skate rink for Friday nights (weird I remember the name) Catholic girls & public girls did NOT get along, 'oh what a night"! In addition, if you touched me, spoke to me or even thought of me, I fell down. I just plumb cant roller skate. Funny thing is, when I moved to NJ, my Aunt took us kids to ice skating rink. NOT once in 2 hours, did I fall down! Go figure!
Anyhoo...Great, GROOVY work as usual Amy!!
Hummer Hugs,
hummingbird204 at comcast dot net

ScrapMyWay said...

YIKES!!! You brought back so many memories, I'll never get Alzheimers now! LOL I loved every square inch of both your cards especially the fuzzy stuff around the second one! I wish I lived closer, we could have such a GROOVY time crafting together since you also love going out of the box!
Thanks for sharing and for fixing all the blogger boo-boo's,
Creative Wishes,
Claire DT 70's hop

Sunshine HoneyBee said...

Especially like the giraffe on the wiggle wire. I also went roller skating on Fri nights. Learned to skate backwards somewhat. When I moved to TX I learned to like ice skating better.
"Sunshine HoneyBee"

AmyJRockstar said...

Hey lady! It's been a while! I love that giraffe card and would so love to see a tutorial on the wiggle wire. I still can't figure out where to purchase Action Wobbles, so this would really help! The ribbon you used on is just "tie-dye" for! ;0) Cheesy pun intended. LOL Love the awesome trim on the 2nd card. I am LOVING those adorable owl stamps from Kristal, and all the ones that go with them. I haven't bought them yet, but I plan to come payday... I sure hope anyways! I just hopped on the owl bandwagon. As usual, I don't like a trend until everyone's caught on and almost over it. Now I'm loving it and her stamps are the cutest! Thanks for sharing your super fun story and lovely creations!

XO ~ Amy Jo (follower)
amyjrockstar at gmail dot com

Debc06 said...

Wow I remember when roller skating was the top of the heap for after school socializing. But the Archies songs were popular when I went. Sigh I was old enough to go clubbing when the Alicia Bridges song came out. Still love that song. Thanks for the memories.
Both your cards are wonderful just the right amount of playfulness.

Rhonda Emery said...

these are super groovy love them both great work as always

Lynda said...

GREAT projects Amy!!! I love the fun rainbow colors and that Giraffe is just sooo cute!!! Love them both!!!

Big Hugs!
Getting Cricky DT Sister

Miranda said...

Adorable! Love all the colors!!!!
Miranda :)
Getting Cricky JRDT Sister

Sugarlips said...

I think you did a great job. The giraffe card keeps making me


Karen L said...

Your Groovy card is so that crazy tinsel edging....but wow, the giraffe card has me laughing!

Mommy's Crafty Creations said...

Wow both cards are them both!

Jenscrapstoo said...

Wonderful fun cards, you do such wonderful projects!!
Cheers Jennie
Getting Cricky Jnr DTM sister

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