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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Graduation Memories... Hold on to all 940 Saturdays...

**It's time again to decorate your celebrations with a Challenge at Decorate To Celebrate!!**

I thought that when my kiddos graduated high school and went off to college that I would magically find an extra 20 or so hours in each day...  Without the need to pack lunches each day, do mountains of laundry from a myriad of sports activities, and plan our Movie-Night-Mondays or ballpark trips to PNC Park, I simply believed I would have nothing to do but sit and twiddle my thumbs while missing two of the best kids a mom could ever wish for...  But, alas...  The days seem to move past at a breakneck speed, even faster than they did for the minutes, hours, and days between their births and graduations...  So my post today is a reminder.  A reminder to me that I truly am a lucky, lucky, lucky mom, a reminder to moms with toddlers and teenagers that the laundry piles will soon end, and a reminder to new moms and moms-to-be that there are only 940 Saturdays between your child's birth and the time they leave for college...  Just 940...  Only. 940.  Before you know it, you'll have graduation parties under your belt and nothing but long days of twiddling your thumbs and missing them like I do... ;)

Anywhoooo, this is sort of a "throw-back" post for me because this is all about The-Boy-Child's graduation party way-back-when...  With his busy life as a web broadcaster for a college wooden bat league this summer, it's nice that I get to take a few moments to remember those last summer days before he embarked on his college journey...  Here's what I've got for ya:
I made this ENORMOUS banner using about 10 yards of white fabric and really HUGE letters using the Mickey Font and my Cricut machine...  My idea for the fabric was that we would be able to use it as a great big "card" for the party guests to write their wishes for The-Boy-Child (more about that below)...
Here's a picture of his deeeeeeee-licious cake... oh boy, was that BLACK frosting fun to get off of our fingers and tongues --and maybe a few shirts ;) 
My dad made our AWESOME cornhole game...  It's regulation size and super-smooth and NICE -- It still gets LOTS of use because it's the BEST game for bonfires and get-togethers!!  :)
One of my favorite parts of TBC's graduation party was the LIVE music -- He and one of his running buddies made us laugh (and cry) with their singing.....
Here's a sampling of a few of the wishes on his banner -- We provided a multitude of colored permanent markers so that everyone could choose a different color for their sentiments...  I've had lots of ideas for what to do with the signed fabric since then...  I thought about saving it for his college graduation (many friends and family could sign it again with new wishes)...  I also considered having it sewn into some type of blanket or quilt...  For now, I took pictures of each wish and printed them for a small keepsake album made with his cards and invitations to other graduation parties...
I know that each wish and signature will be very precious to him over the years...  Especially this one from his most-favorite-sister ;)
Not only did I add these really neat graduation hats to his banner (I believe these can be found on the Locker Talk Cricut Cartridge), I also used these for the various table centerpieces, garlands, balloon holders, and table markers...  In the wee hours of the morning I regretted my decision to use gold stickles on all of them, but it was TOTALLY worth it when I saw all the finished hats :)
Yes, those 940 Saturdays were definitely not enough...  It still seems like just yesterday that this 10 lb bundle of joy came home from the hospital (mid-blizzard)...  The-Boy-Child has brought me plenty of tears (both happy and sad), but has given me more joyful moments, more laughter, and more proud memories than one Momma deserves...  :)
Don't they just make ya SMILE??? :)
So.......  If you have a little one, a middle-sized one, or a big one about to graduate, I hope you'll treasure each of the Saturdays that you have left...  They sure do go by fast...  And they go by even faster when you think you'll be doing nothing but twiddling your thumbs and missing them (the missing them part is really, really true...  it's the staying so busy that time just flies faster that I wasn't ready for!!)...

{And in case you missed my Cricut-Crafty "GROWTH" from TBC's graduation party to The-Girl-Child's graduation party, I already posted ALL about that HERE...  I'd love for you to check it out if you missed it then...}

I hope you've enjoyed my "blast from the past" graduation post...  Now to recap: for Challenge #52 over at Decorate To Celebrate, we're asking you to create any project to be used as a party decoration (or party supply) for a GRADUATION PARTY!!  Let's celebrate EVERYTHING WONDERFUL ABOUT DIPLOMAS, NEW OPPORTUNITIES, and SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENTS with your table decorations, party banners, pennants, yard signs, cupcakes, party favors and more!!  :)

Link up your project HERE before 11:59pm (EST) on Tuesday, June 11th to be eligible for YOUR CHANCE to WIN a great surprise pack of paper, embellishments, and MORE!!  :)  I can't wait to see what you create!!

Until next time,


littlebitoftoto said...

ONe of my favorite neat and is it really only 940...that does not seem like enough but way too many when going thru it....thanks for sharing!

SiskiyouSue said...

What I have found most surprising is that not only did it go quickly, but that my very selective memory can recall mostly only highlights! The bad times (and we did have some...) just don't seem to be important any more. I'm glad I'm not still in the middle of it, and I love my life now, and watching my boy and girl as they journey through their own lives.

DIANA L. said...

This is AWESOME Amy so huge you did a great job and the party looks like so much fun The cake looks so yummy to.


Rhonda Emery said...

what a sweet memory, have missed you friend but I am back. hugs

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